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April 6, 2010

Health and Wellness Class this Saturday, 4.10, covers Allergies

Understanding Allergies! My next Ahwatukee Heath and Wellness Class

Every second Saturday of the month a “Health & Wellness” education class is organized which highlights local experts. These experts explain how various beneficial choices can make a positive difference in our lives.
On Saturday, April 10th, from Noon to 1:30 p.m., the class is going to focus understanding the nature of Allergies.

Attendees will learn about food and environmental allergies. We’ll also discuss how what we think is an allergy is something entirely different. Bring your favorite tips for this class and help us all be insightful into this topic.
The class will also explore whole food nutrition and lifestyles. In addition to this, we will have a special guest speaker; Dr. Betsy Yurgel, RN, NMD from the Phoenix Holistic Center. Dr. Yurgel explains and demonstrates how her holistic mind, body and spirit approach to health care assists others in achieving and maintaining a healthy heart and more!
The class is located in the Ironwood Library at 4333 E. Chandler Boulevard, Phoenix, 85048.
There is no cost. Prizes and Demonstrations will be provided. A RSVP is appreciated due to limited seating.

Call Christine at 480-491-9551 or send an email to

December 28, 2009

Scottsdale Health and Wellness Class- Sat. 1.9.2010



**Health Event News ALERT**

Scottsdale Health and Wellness Class January 9th, 2009 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The second Saturday of each month a “Health and Wellness” education class occurs at the Rockwood Natural Medical Clinic. At this class local experts explain how a variety of choices we make in our lives creates a difference in our energy, clarity, resistance to disease and more.

This month the 90-minute class will include two health care related speakers:

Allan Zee, Founder and Managing Director, of Argeus Benefits Group LLC, a Scottsdale based Health Insurance Brokerage firm, will be presenting information about the proposed Health Care Reform Bill. The purpose of this discussion is to objectively inform and educate the public on this timely issue. The seminar provides straight forward talk and discussion on Health Care Reform. Mr. Zee’s prior seminars have been presented at the Scottsdale Mustang Library, Business Networking International, and upcoming at the Fountain Hills Library, etc.  Comments may be directed to Mr. Zee at 480-221-9292 or email,

Dr. Meghna Thacker, NMD practices Family Medicine with a Natural approach.  At this class, she will be discussing Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both men and women. The lack of adequate hormone levels in the body can cause weight gain, fatigue, lack of desire, depression, brain fog, night sweats, hot flashes, etc. In this class, attendees will learn the physiology of the hormones produced by different glands in your body and see how their functions are interconnected. For additional details please visit and/ or contact Dr.Thacker at, 480-767-7119.  


Every month the class also explores a group discussion relating to whole food nutrition. Optimal nutrition benefits and tips are explored.   A RSVP is appreciated due to limited seating. Call Christine at 480-491-9551 or send an email to

The class is from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday, January 9th.
at the Rockwood Natural Medical Clinic, located on 9755 N. 90th Street, Ste. A-210, Scottsdale, 85258. There is no cost.



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October 25, 2009

Sunrider Calli Tea Review 2

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This phase is started as soon as you have mastered and become competent with Phase one. Be sure and work closely with your sponsor to make sure you have a pleasant transition. These 2 phases together comprise the Basic Foundation for the Holistic Nutrition Regeneration Program.

Vitalite Bar: Cleans the digestive tract of wastes, toxins, mucus, fats and other contaminants. Start with a third of a bar per day. If you know that you have had problems in this area, you must let your sponsor know. This is very important. A lot of people just ignore this advice and eat the whole bar because it tastes so good … then plug up because their body is unused to handling real fiber. Remember fiber is a broom and a vacuum for the body and that small bar will be getting bigger and bigger as it travels through the digestive track. Only when you see the difference in the toilet do you want to increase the amount of fiberbar. For some it may take a few days, for others it may take a few weeks or more. Only then, increase slowly (making sure there is no slowing of the system) up to a minimum of one bar per day. Many people eat more. Schedule your fiber at a regular time each day, as the body loves rhythm.

Restores the proper flora in the colon for protection against contaminants. We recommend 6 boxes with your first order. This is so you can use three boxes (30 packets) right away. Try a box a day. You can eat it right out of the packet or with your NuPlus. Because it is in a fruit base, you need to eat it 20 minutes before you ingest other foods. After the first initial packets, eat a minimum of one packet each day.

Fibertone: Tones the bowel by nourishing the peristaltic muscle action so food is moved through in the proper time frame to avoid putrefaction and fermentation. Eat 6 capsules a day.
Special Points:

It is absolutely crucial for you to drink at least 1 quart of water with your Fortune each day, (that’s two bags of Fortune Delight tea mixed with 32 oz of water) with one quart of Calli (32 oz in morning and 32 oz for nightitime). Fortune makes drinking the a quart of water much easier than you would expect. Do not neglect this aspect. You will be ‘waking up’ the cleansing system during this first month and you want to have the help of plenty of fluid to flush and clean. It cannot be just any liquid; it needs to be Calli and Fortune (which acts as water in the body). If you feel like drinking extra water beyond this feel free. Just remember…do not overdo the fluids as your kidneys need some time to rest.

While we don’t include a lot of rules about what not to eat…. For best results, use common sense. Stay away from the junk foods. Meat and dairy are hard on your system. Look at the Organic fruits, vegetables, grains & beans. As close to nature as possible, fresh and raw are the best. After you are eating the SR foods in the recommended regeneration program above, you will be amazed at the ease in which you will be able to make changes.

If you would like to order any of these beneficial products just call or email me, Christine Marek.

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This information provided to you by Christine Marek
Sunrider Independent Consultant
P. 480.491.9551

Holistic Nutrition Program with Sunrider Products- Phase I


NuPlus / Vitashake: Nourishes the body at the cellular level. Add a packet of Nuplus to about 8- 10 ounces of liquid. You can use water (makes a bland tasting drink), Fortune Delight (a Sunrider beverage), fresh or frozen juice, rice milk (with no additives or isolated vitamins), or even fresh fruit in a blender.


Quinary: Nourishes the five systems of the body; circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and immune. This product comes in 3 forms. We always start people with the powdered form. Add your Quinary packet into your Nuplus drink. Later you may want to experiment with the liquid form called Liqui 5 that has a stronger taste, and is very powerful. The third form is the capsules; we rarely recommend them because you need to swallow ten each meal to equal a packet of powder.


These two products should he considered your main meal eaten three times a day minimum. Eat this meal and wait 20 minutes to see if you are still hungry before eating more. Fresh, live, foods are preferable.


Calli: Helps the body cleanse and detoxify. Use one teabag per person; do not reuse the bag a second time. At first you will start with only 2 teabags a day. After the body has become more detoxed you can drink as many as you desire. Never less than 2 teabags a day for balance. Use hot to very hot water, if it boils let it sit and cool for a few minutes. Let it steep 5 to 10 minutes, no longer. Four cups of water to one tea bag.  Later you may want to vary or increase the amount of Calli to create a more intense cleanse, if there are unique circumstances. Never put Calli in the microwave.

Mint Calli… especially nourishing to the lungs and respiratory system

Cinnamon Calli… adds extra support to the digestive system

Regular Calli… is designed to help with mental awareness.


SunnyDew or Sunectar: These products are designed to help support the blood

sugar regulatory system of the body. Sunnydew has a lighter fruitier taste; Sunectar has a hardier almost licorice taste. Use at least 8 to 10 drops of either per meal in your Nuplus or Calli. We like it in both. The “more the better’ is our rule.

Fortune Delight Tea: Hydrates the body and helps flush fats and toxins out of the body. Drink 2 packets of Fortune a day. Each dissolved in a quart of water – 32 oz water bottle works great!  Fortune is also a great place to increase your consumption of Sunnydew.


In summary, 3 Sunrider shakes either Nuplus or Vitashake with Quinary added.  2 Calli teas, one quart in morning (or both) or have second in evening.  2 Fortune, fill up your 32 oz. water bottle twice daily and each time add fortune!  Always add sunnydew as it is an important piece to the program!




Special Points:


It is absolutely crucial for you to drink the 3 quarts of water with your Fortune each day, with one quart of Calli. Fortune makes drinking the three quarts much easier than you would expect. Do not neglect this aspect. You will be ‘waking up’ the cleansing system during this first month and you want to have the help of plenty of fluid to flush and clean. It cannot be just any liquid; it needs to be Calli and Fortune Delight (which acts as water in the body). You do not need to drink extra water on top of this, but feel free to add a little extra water if you like. Do not overdo the fluids as your kidneys need some time to rest.


While we don’t include a lot of rules about what not to eat…. For best results, use common sense. Stay away from the junk foods.  Meat and dairy are hard on your system. Look at the Organic fruits, vegetables, grains & beans. As close to nature as possible, fresh and raw are the best. After you are eating the SR foods in the recommended regeneration program above, you will be amazed at the ease in which you will be able to make changes.


If you’d like to order ANY of these beneficial Sunrider products just call or email me, Christine Marek.


Great health to YOU!



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This information provided to you by Christine Marek

Sunrider Independent Consultant

P. 480.491.9551





20 Favorite Healthy Table Foods to find at your local Whole Food Grocery

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1)      Rice or Almond Milk (great with Sunrider NuPlus or Vitashakes)

2)      Ezekiel tortilla wraps, bread, and cereal (World Famous Organic Sprouted Whole Grain Bread Products)

3)      Olive oil – always buy in dark bottle

4)      Coconut oil and grape seed oil-  best oil to cook with

5)      Raw almond butter – great for dipping apples or celery

6)      Raw walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds – it’s helpful to soak them and dehydrate them to get them alkaline.

7)      Anything in produce section – all fresh fruits and veggies – best to buy whole that already sliced and packaged.  Try to buy organic if possible.

8)       Any products by Laughing Giraffe Organics – go raw – Lydia’s Organics – these granola’s, flax crackers, and bars are all raw and very tasty!

9)      Hummus – vegetas is good.

10)  Dates and figs are good, sweet treats.

11)  Veganese – an alternative for mayo.

12)  Bragg’s amino acids – great for salad flavorings or salty flavor/soy sauce alternative.

13)  Celtic salt or pink Himalayan salt.

14)  If you are looking for a butter or cheese alternative you can find them in the cheese section of whole foods and they usually are made with rice – rice cheese, rice butter- use in moderation.  Not too tasty!

15)  Grains – Quinoa, brown rice, millet, steel cut oats, regular oats. – buy in bins

16)  Rice crackers

17)  Stevia or raw agave nectar (natural sweetner)*  Don’t forget Sunrider has my favorite Stevia product called SunnyDew.

18)  Rice pasta

19)  Beans – any kind. 

20)  Fresh water fish in moderation.

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Christine Marek

Sunrider Independent Consultant

P. 480.491.9551

Sunrider’s Nighttime Calli Tea is Special?

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I  know that Sunrider’s Calli Tea helps me with nutrition in many ways and recently I discovered that another version of Calli Tea, Nighttime Calli, can help me as I rest.


About an hour before I decide to go to sleep I drink Sunrider’s Nighttime Calli Tea, seeping one tea bag in @ 32 ounces of water and sharing the tea with my husband. My husband is bigger than me by about 70 pounds so he receives more tea than I and I end up drinking about 12 ounces of tea. Just 12 ounces of tea and I’m set for a very nice nights rest. And because it works so dependably and beneficially for me it’s become a must have in my kitchen pantry and my nightly routine.


Before I knew this tea existed there were stressful days that became nights that I felt the need to drink a few glasses of wine. Some nights I took sleeping pills like a PM aspirin or melatonin. Now I drink this tea for a restful sleep. Actually that sounds weird to me because tea to me sounds like something I’d drink to stay awake. Not any more.


Sunrider’s Nighttime Calli was created to help us relax and get the most from our sleeping and resting hours. It combines the best of the Calli plant base with special soothing ingredients designed to help relax the mind and calm the spirit, allowing the body to rest.


Here is some basic information about these special ingredients that all work together to provide us with a superb formula to enrich our lives.


Passion Flower: is a pure and natural, mild sedative. It is useful to calm nerves and blood pressure. It is traditionally used to alleviate neuralgia and insomnia.


Ho Shou Wu: The longevity tonic has been used through the centuries in the Orient as a rejuvenator and sexual tonic, at the same time being relaxing and sleep inducing. Taken regularly it is said to restore hair color. Ho Shou Wu offers “generative” energy, increasing sperm count in men and fertility in women. Many of the remarkable benefits of this herb come from its ability to cleanse the blood of toxins, which has a strong rejuvenating effect. Clinical studies have shown it to increase lipid metabolism thereby lowering cholesterol, and also to improve the body’s ability to metabolize glucose.


Jujube Seed: Nourishing to the heart and liver and calming to the nerves, therefore useful for insomnia, irritability, anxiety and stress.


Poria: Breaks up moisture and promotes diuresis. Benefits stomach, spleen and digestion.  It is useful where there is a tendency to hold water, where there is difficulty urinating, for cellulite, diarrhea and vomiting. For centuries it has been used for apprehension, insomnia and forgetfulness. It is also a good source of potassium.


Camellia Leaf: Contains vitamins C and B, 6% volatile oils, trace elements of caffeine (note: because it is correctly processed and balanced with the other herbs there is no stimulating effect). Useful for menstrual problems, menopause (hot flashes), hypertension, kidney disorders, skin diseases (especially eczema), after childbirth, red and swollen throat, boils and abscesses, early stages of epidemic encephalitis and diphtheria.


Sage Root: Has potent bacteriostatic and immunologic effects as well as mind calming properties which make it useful for anxiety, mental stress and insomnia. This root also assists in lowering cholesterol and liver triglycerides.


Rose Hip: Has vitamin C content. Good for stress of all kind. It is an infection fighter.


Imperate Root: Clears fever, stops bleeding, quenches thirst, and contains antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory benefits. This root also promotes urination where there is edema (a build up of excess fluids). Plus it has helped those to reduce nausea.


Winter melon Seed: Clears toxins and mucous from the body.


Always remember that the secret to a successful combination of herbs lies in the “synergy” that is created… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I enjoy the synergy of both Calli Tea and Calli Night Time Tea and I hope that you also enjoy the feeling and benefit of them, too.


Call or email me if you’d like to order this fantastic and nutrituous beverage.


Christine Marek

Sunrider Fan and Independent Consultant

P. 480.491.9551

What Makes Calli Tea So Special?

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 I was recently introduced to Sunrider and their Calli Tea by a client of mine in May 2009. Since then I have not looked at tea, especially this tea, without a sense of wonder.


Sunrider’s Calli contains many plants that offer a combination of beneficial nutritional components. Personally, I have discovered by drinking this tea that my body has felt a difference for the better. I never felt “good” after drinking any ice tea or hot black or early grey tea before. As usual I felt less thirsty and I felt the caffeine, but that’s it.


When I drink Calli Tea, besides feeling less thirsty I did feel energized without an edge. I feel cleansed and lighter. I see an improved difference in my bodily waste discharges either. And I know that’s way too much shared personal information, but its true. Every one of these signs and clues points to improved health. And when I drink Calli Tea I “do” see and feel an improved difference in my energy, water weight, and waste eliminations. I also feel, from those improved health conditions just listed, that I have more mental clarity. And the best part is that I’m not the only one. This tea is helping a lot of other people, too.


So what is IN this beneficial tea that helps so many and for so long, for more than 27 years strong?


I’ve learned that Sunrider’s Calli Tea, a distinctive delicious and delicate blend of natural herbal tea leaves and extracts, assists the body’s own purification and elimination process. This tea supports the removal of wastes and by-products from normal digestion and metabolism. Plus this tea assists in improved fat digestion. Sunrider’s Calli Tea also contains powerful and helpful antioxidants.


The actual contents are; Camellia extract (thus the name Calli), Lemon extract, Chrysanthemum Flower, Jasmine extract, and Lalang Grass Root.


My daily routine is to start the day enjoying Calli Tea which amounts to about 24 ounces, (2 of my coffee cups at home). I drink this instead of cups and cups of coffee with cream. When I feel the need to sweeten the tea I add Stevia with Sunrider’s Stevia product called Sunny Dew. If I want some variety in my tea’s flavor I have a choice of regular, cinnamon or mint Calli Teas.  


Always remember that the secret to a successful combination of herbs lies in the “synergy” that is created… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I enjoy the synergy of Sunrider’s Calli Tea and I hope that you also enjoy the feeling and benefit of them, too.


Christine Marek

Sunrider Fan and Independent Consultant

P. 480.491.9551

August 17, 2009

My 3rd Healthy Lifestyle Class - A Good Time

Yesterday, I held my 3rd “Healthy Lifestyle” class at the Ahwatukee Ironwood Library. I was nervous as usual about getting it set up, making sure my guest speaker showed and I was most nervous that few if any would attend.

Yes, I did my job to publicize it to the media and emailed 1800 Phoenix residents. But each time I do an event I just don’t know what will occur. That’s the good and bad of events.

This time few did attend and it was the best one, yet. So go figure.

The guest speaker, Karla Hurt, owner of MoonStone Wellness also arrived an half an hour late. But her timing had actually been perfect. Plus, she brought a friend and co-worker from Moonstone, named Toney. A fascinating, long red-haired woman who with her input complimented our group.

Each fault of the class became a victory and in reflection it was the best class I’d organized in quite some time. That’s an achievement since I’ve planned and hosted a lot of special events. Hundreds to thousands of events. I’m not sure the exact amount. I stopped counting now that I’ve been in PR for over years.

I wish you had been there to see what I mean. Every minute had a purpose and everyone there was meant to be in the round circle of chairs.

The library room lights could be dimmed and it felt like an intimate and surreal gathering of strangers. Don’t get me wrong they were not strange. The all were friendly but all of us found ourselves there thrown together out of curiosity for “Optimal Health”. That theme alone makes me feel good.

As we all anticipated Karla’s arrival to advise us on meditation techniques we started talking about our nutrition interests. It all got started with me explaining why I even have the class each month and then everyone else added their opinions, strategies and tips. That’s what I was hoping would happen at the end of the class but no worries it occurred. From the early part of the class I learned about organic food vendors, social networks and shopping tricks for raw and whole foods.

My hypnotherapist who is also a Reiki Master, Brenda Lowe, surprised me by attending the class. I was so honored that she came I kept glancing at her and hoping it wasn’t a dream. Brenda has been a wonderful health consultant and life coach for me and for her to show up at my event was a great source of fun for me.

So there I was in a circle with interesting people, at my right sat Brenda and at my left was Karla, a dynamic business woman, spiritual guide and meditation advisor.

We began to talk about mediation techniques and Karla lead us through several “out of the box” (her words) examples. After each short mediation, she asked us introspective questions as to how we enjoyed the mediation. This was perfect. I was learning not only from her questions but from the answers in the group. It was just what I had planned for. Now I was wondering if it had been worthwhile for the others.

Teresa, a class attendee, pronounced her enjoyment by stating we deserved “gold stars” for attending. That made me very glad.

I’d brought some whole food, Nuplus,  and beverage samples, Calli Tea and Fortune Delight Teas, I love so much from Sunrider and gave them out as they walked out the library room doors.

Gold stars of nutrition in their hands I felt like all my effort was worthwhile.

So I’ll plan another at the library for 9.19.09. I’m not certain who will be the speaker (s). Send me suggestions if you like and SAVE the DATE.

Saturday, 9.19.09. 11:30 am to 1 pm, Ahwatukee Ironwood Library.

It will be worth it. I’m not sure how or why but if you are like me and want to spend 90 minutes on “Optimal Health” join us. I’ll be there, smiling.

Christine Marek, MBA - Signing OFF!
Phoenix Marketing Limited- PRNewsBroker
Office: 480-491-9551

July 22, 2009

Drink a Tea that does more than tastes Good

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In my quest to be at my best I am questioning my health and seeking optimal health choices. What I drink is a choice and now I’ve found a tea that does more for me than quelch my thirst. I discovered it from my client, Andrea Polidori. It’s called Calli Tea.

Calli Tea is definitely a “good for you” tea in more ways than one.

First, how did Calli Tea receive its name?
The name comes from Camellia Sinensis or simply “tea leaves”, but the Calli Tea bag contains way more than the black and green “tea leaves” which alone are helpful antioxidants and helpful.

Calli Tea contains numerous other concentrated herbs. These special herbs include Perilla leaf, Mori Bark extract, Alisma Root Extract and Imperate Root. The specific combination of these herbs was packaged in this bag to enhance the communication processes among the body’s five basic systems: immune, endocrine, digestive reparation and circulation. As you drink Calli Tea you assist your bodies’ natural purification and elimination system and support the communication process for greater balance and harmony in the body.

Calli Tea is alkaline in nature. In an alkaline environment, impurities are less likely to be absorbed into our bodies’ systems during digestion. And while Calli is neither diuretic nor a laxative , it does enhance the removal of wastes and by-products that result through normal digestion and metabolism.

Those who drink Calli Tea have reported these benefits;

• Improved mental Clarity
• Natural Slenderness
• Improved Fat Digestion
• Improved cleansing of body wastes
• Cleansing of toxic substances
• Increase in Energy
• Lowering of Blood Cholesterol Levels

Enjoy and share the gift of health with Calli Tea Today!
See my webpage and I’ll send you a free Calli Tea sample. Why not give this gift? It’s the best and I do want to share it with others.

Best of Health to All.

July 20, 2009

My Worlds-The Lives of Christine Marek

I live my life in several different professional worlds.
I choose to take on varying  job responsibilities  mostly because I can do them very well  and partly because I am compelled to learn life  from different points of view.

First, I love truth seeking activities. For me, these kind of activities include writing, reporting and organizing special events. Thank goodness for the new creation of blogs. Now no media outlet can control me from banging out a report about someone or something.  Now I can report till my hearts content. I can also create special events that people can enjoy and learn with me about life.  I have been especially interested in health and specifically nutrition with regeneration qualities for my body. What spurred this is by taking on a new marekting client, Andrea Polidori. She introduced me to Sunrider Food. We helped Andrea attract new customers to her website and she began to give and show me how Sunrider Foods and other foods feed my body and create optimal health benefits for me and my loved ones. From this knowledge, I began the need to learn more and this led me to create the “Healthy Lifestyle” class which now occurs each month in Phoenix (Ahwatukee) and will soon be offered in Chandler, Scottsdale and Mesa.  Come and seek the truth about health and nutrtition with me each month. For updates check this blog, or email me to get on my update list,

Second, I love successfully marketing my own businesses and helping others to market theirs, too. There is nothing like seeing yourself and others connect with customers effectively with our valuable products and services. So thank goodness for Phoenix Marketing Limited being a part of my life. I am the co-owner and co- founder of Phoenix Marketing Ltd. and can work with the most mind-blowing, effective marketing tools today, right now! My favorite marketing service is our premiere service, Check it out! or call us at 480.456.3700.

Third, I love media relations and public relations. I’ve been a journalist since I was 16 years old and I am always intrigued with publics. Why didn’t I become a sociologist in college? I ablsolutely love showing others, as a marketing consultant, the power of promotion and publicity. It is absolutely life changing for individuals and companies and I want others to experience this with the best talent and advice available. See what I do today in Public Relations and who I’ve helped,

Fourth, my very first job at the age of 12 years old was in a real estate office. This setting, these people have never been my favorite environment but it has a home for me in many aspects several times in my professional career.  Today, I am  a second generation residential real estate agent in THE toughest real estate market EVER. I’ve accomplished multi-million dollar sales status for several years in a row and I both love and hate the business. Especially today, in the year 2009.  My dad, Bill Nicely would be pulling his hair out if he were alive today and still working in this “hellish” environment of banks, uncertainty in what has become a lawless, ruleless real estate world. “Life is definetly not fair here, Dad. But we keep on smilin’ cause there is nothing better to do.”
How I survive and most importantly SUCEED doing all these tasks, jobs and professions is sometimes very difficult.  One area can be working very well in my life when others are progressing or at a stand still, if you know what I mean. But when the sun  rises each day, no matter how many knocks hit me the day in any of my lives  I don’t mind getting up in the morning. I love my life and living. In fact, the proof in that comment is found on my night stand. I don’t own an alarm clock. I don’t need to. My worlds are extremely gratifying and exciting. There’s never a dull moment. Yes, it’s a wonderful world and it’s my lives. Come by and visit … the journey is more fun with many on board.

Christine Marek

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