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July 22, 2009

Drink a Tea that does more than tastes Good

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In my quest to be at my best I am questioning my health and seeking optimal health choices. What I drink is a choice and now I’ve found a tea that does more for me than quelch my thirst. I discovered it from my client, Andrea Polidori. It’s called Calli Tea.

Calli Tea is definitely a “good for you” tea in more ways than one.

First, how did Calli Tea receive its name?
The name comes from Camellia Sinensis or simply “tea leaves”, but the Calli Tea bag contains way more than the black and green “tea leaves” which alone are helpful antioxidants and helpful.

Calli Tea contains numerous other concentrated herbs. These special herbs include Perilla leaf, Mori Bark extract, Alisma Root Extract and Imperate Root. The specific combination of these herbs was packaged in this bag to enhance the communication processes among the body’s five basic systems: immune, endocrine, digestive reparation and circulation. As you drink Calli Tea you assist your bodies’ natural purification and elimination system and support the communication process for greater balance and harmony in the body.

Calli Tea is alkaline in nature. In an alkaline environment, impurities are less likely to be absorbed into our bodies’ systems during digestion. And while Calli is neither diuretic nor a laxative , it does enhance the removal of wastes and by-products that result through normal digestion and metabolism.

Those who drink Calli Tea have reported these benefits;

• Improved mental Clarity
• Natural Slenderness
• Improved Fat Digestion
• Improved cleansing of body wastes
• Cleansing of toxic substances
• Increase in Energy
• Lowering of Blood Cholesterol Levels

Enjoy and share the gift of health with Calli Tea Today!
See my webpage and I’ll send you a free Calli Tea sample. Why not give this gift? It’s the best and I do want to share it with others.

Best of Health to All.

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