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October 25, 2009

Sunrider Calli Tea Review 2

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This phase is started as soon as you have mastered and become competent with Phase one. Be sure and work closely with your sponsor to make sure you have a pleasant transition. These 2 phases together comprise the Basic Foundation for the Holistic Nutrition Regeneration Program.

Vitalite Bar: Cleans the digestive tract of wastes, toxins, mucus, fats and other contaminants. Start with a third of a bar per day. If you know that you have had problems in this area, you must let your sponsor know. This is very important. A lot of people just ignore this advice and eat the whole bar because it tastes so good … then plug up because their body is unused to handling real fiber. Remember fiber is a broom and a vacuum for the body and that small bar will be getting bigger and bigger as it travels through the digestive track. Only when you see the difference in the toilet do you want to increase the amount of fiberbar. For some it may take a few days, for others it may take a few weeks or more. Only then, increase slowly (making sure there is no slowing of the system) up to a minimum of one bar per day. Many people eat more. Schedule your fiber at a regular time each day, as the body loves rhythm.

Restores the proper flora in the colon for protection against contaminants. We recommend 6 boxes with your first order. This is so you can use three boxes (30 packets) right away. Try a box a day. You can eat it right out of the packet or with your NuPlus. Because it is in a fruit base, you need to eat it 20 minutes before you ingest other foods. After the first initial packets, eat a minimum of one packet each day.

Fibertone: Tones the bowel by nourishing the peristaltic muscle action so food is moved through in the proper time frame to avoid putrefaction and fermentation. Eat 6 capsules a day.
Special Points:

It is absolutely crucial for you to drink at least 1 quart of water with your Fortune each day, (that’s two bags of Fortune Delight tea mixed with 32 oz of water) with one quart of Calli (32 oz in morning and 32 oz for nightitime). Fortune makes drinking the a quart of water much easier than you would expect. Do not neglect this aspect. You will be ‘waking up’ the cleansing system during this first month and you want to have the help of plenty of fluid to flush and clean. It cannot be just any liquid; it needs to be Calli and Fortune (which acts as water in the body). If you feel like drinking extra water beyond this feel free. Just remember…do not overdo the fluids as your kidneys need some time to rest.

While we don’t include a lot of rules about what not to eat…. For best results, use common sense. Stay away from the junk foods. Meat and dairy are hard on your system. Look at the Organic fruits, vegetables, grains & beans. As close to nature as possible, fresh and raw are the best. After you are eating the SR foods in the recommended regeneration program above, you will be amazed at the ease in which you will be able to make changes.

If you would like to order any of these beneficial products just call or email me, Christine Marek.

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