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December 30, 2009

Ahwatukee Health and Wellness Class- 1.9.10

**Health Event News ALERT**

Health & Wellness Class returns January 9th, 2009 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Ahwatukee Ironwood Library.

Every month a “Health & Wellness” education class hosts two local experts who explain how various beneficial choices can make a positive difference in our lives. Topics range from mental clarity, weight loss, pain release, dental care, gardening, exercise, etc…

This month the 90-minute class will include two health care speakers who will cover New Year’s Health goals.  

Dr. Sam Sterk, PH.D,  is a trained Psychoanalyst and Hypnotherapist and the director of Peak Performance Plus, LLC, a Counseling, Hypnosis and Sports Psychology practice. Dr. Sterk will explain how counseling and hypnosis can help so many people achieve positive goals for 2010. Dr. Sterk teaches Medical Hypnosis at Midwestern University and is also a Certified Sport Psychology Consultant that has been affiliated with the U.S. Olympic Center.   

Dr. Betsy Yurgel, RN, NMD from the Phoenix Holistic will discuss how Naturopathic medicine can assist in improving health goals for 2010. With the New Year so many of us have new inspirations and goals, Dr Yurgel will discuss how the Naturopathic philosophy can help us obtain and maintain those goals.

Every month the class also explores a group discussion relating to whole food nutrition.   

The class is from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday, January 9th in the Ironwood Library located at 4333 E. Chandler Boulevard, Phoenix, 85048.

 There is no cost.  A RSVP is appreciated due to limited seating.


Call Christine at 480-491-9551 or send an email to



July 20, 2009

My Worlds-The Lives of Christine Marek

I live my life in several different professional worlds.
I choose to take on varying  job responsibilities  mostly because I can do them very well  and partly because I am compelled to learn life  from different points of view.

First, I love truth seeking activities. For me, these kind of activities include writing, reporting and organizing special events. Thank goodness for the new creation of blogs. Now no media outlet can control me from banging out a report about someone or something.  Now I can report till my hearts content. I can also create special events that people can enjoy and learn with me about life.  I have been especially interested in health and specifically nutrition with regeneration qualities for my body. What spurred this is by taking on a new marekting client, Andrea Polidori. She introduced me to Sunrider Food. We helped Andrea attract new customers to her website and she began to give and show me how Sunrider Foods and other foods feed my body and create optimal health benefits for me and my loved ones. From this knowledge, I began the need to learn more and this led me to create the “Healthy Lifestyle” class which now occurs each month in Phoenix (Ahwatukee) and will soon be offered in Chandler, Scottsdale and Mesa.  Come and seek the truth about health and nutrtition with me each month. For updates check this blog, or email me to get on my update list,

Second, I love successfully marketing my own businesses and helping others to market theirs, too. There is nothing like seeing yourself and others connect with customers effectively with our valuable products and services. So thank goodness for Phoenix Marketing Limited being a part of my life. I am the co-owner and co- founder of Phoenix Marketing Ltd. and can work with the most mind-blowing, effective marketing tools today, right now! My favorite marketing service is our premiere service, Check it out! or call us at 480.456.3700.

Third, I love media relations and public relations. I’ve been a journalist since I was 16 years old and I am always intrigued with publics. Why didn’t I become a sociologist in college? I ablsolutely love showing others, as a marketing consultant, the power of promotion and publicity. It is absolutely life changing for individuals and companies and I want others to experience this with the best talent and advice available. See what I do today in Public Relations and who I’ve helped,

Fourth, my very first job at the age of 12 years old was in a real estate office. This setting, these people have never been my favorite environment but it has a home for me in many aspects several times in my professional career.  Today, I am  a second generation residential real estate agent in THE toughest real estate market EVER. I’ve accomplished multi-million dollar sales status for several years in a row and I both love and hate the business. Especially today, in the year 2009.  My dad, Bill Nicely would be pulling his hair out if he were alive today and still working in this “hellish” environment of banks, uncertainty in what has become a lawless, ruleless real estate world. “Life is definetly not fair here, Dad. But we keep on smilin’ cause there is nothing better to do.”
How I survive and most importantly SUCEED doing all these tasks, jobs and professions is sometimes very difficult.  One area can be working very well in my life when others are progressing or at a stand still, if you know what I mean. But when the sun  rises each day, no matter how many knocks hit me the day in any of my lives  I don’t mind getting up in the morning. I love my life and living. In fact, the proof in that comment is found on my night stand. I don’t own an alarm clock. I don’t need to. My worlds are extremely gratifying and exciting. There’s never a dull moment. Yes, it’s a wonderful world and it’s my lives. Come by and visit … the journey is more fun with many on board.

Christine Marek

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