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September 3, 2010

Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce Marketing Think Tank.. my new baby

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Yes, I volunteered for another community activity. Recently the Ahwatukee Chamber surveyed it’s members to see what they needed in terms of business support. One of the big areas was marketing. From that survey response I proposed creating a helpful Marketing Think Tank to the Chamber. Terri Kimble the chamber’s President loved the idea so this Thursday, Sept. 9th we’ll hold the first meeting. Here are the details.


Marketing “Think Tank” begins this September 9th, from noon to 1 pm at the Ahwatukee Chamber offices. This business support meeting will occur every month, same time and place, on the 2nd Thursday of the month.The “Think Tank”, facilitated by marketing instructor Christine Marek, will be an informal roundtable discussion of successful marketing tactics and strategies for chamber member business owners. Members are encouraged to bring their ideas, actual marketing situations and their brainstorming abilities to the meeting. Visitors are encouraged to attend.
Remember, NO sharks are allowed in this tank only marketing thinkers and doers. For more information call the chamber at 480.753.7676 or visit their website at

Arizona’s First Health TV Channel is Becoming a Reality!

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At the beginning of 2010 I was introduced to an amazing woman, Kate Hoy, who is the creator of Arizona’s First Health TV Channel which will appear on Cox channel 22.

Kate discovered me because of my community wellness classes. She learned that I was an experienced marketer with a passion for wellness and wellness education. Since our initial meeting Kate has employed me to be the Arizona Health Channel’s marketing director.

Our first foundation tasks began with logos, brand names, and marketing plans. Now we are progressing on to newsletters, community support meetings, sponsorship activities, social media platforms and more!

Developments for this Channel are happening rapidly now. Just this week Kate and her dedicated Arizona Health Channel team of people, literally hundreds of us, received news that the Chairman of the Arizona Medical Association, Dr. Michael Grossman sent an official letter supporting the efforts of our new health education tool to the masses. My Arizona Health Channel is becoming a reality and I am so excited to be a founding member.

For more information about the progress of Arizona’s First Health Channel go to or become a contributor on

Christine Marek

P. 480.491.9551

June 3, 2010

Would you like a Sunrider food or tea sample?

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If you’d like a sample of Calli Tea, Fortune Delight teas or NuPlus go to my website
Or call me at 480.491.9551.

Be well,

Christine Marek

May 13, 2010

Phoenix Marketing taped the last Marketing 101 Class yesterday!

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Yes, after almost a year of teaching marketing for free we FINALLY taped 10 classes finishing yesterday, 5.12.10.


If you missed the classes no worries. Because we taped these beneficial business teachings you now enjoy them with a download link or DVD. All for your convenience and as a way to support busienss owners during these challenging economic times.  

You can buy ALL the classes for only $20 a download.

But please know that Ron’s going to change this price soon so if you’d like them, here’s the info.

Call me if you have ANY questions. Christine- 480.491.9551.

   GO HERE to purchase your “Sales Boosting Marketing Know-How recordings. See class outlines below. 

Phoenix Marketing 10-Class Outline

# 1 (2.10) – What Business Are You REALLY In? (Class assignment - Create a specific message and match it with the media and timing.) Please bring this homework with you at the 2.17 meeting!

# 2 (2.17) – How to Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition or Die 

# 3 (2.24) – Your Seven-Step Marketing Plan 

# 4 (3.3) – 13 Elements of A Successful Ad 

# 5 (3.10) – How to Price Your Product for Maximum Profit  

# 6 (3.17) – How to Dominate Your Market with Your GUARANTEE  

# 7 (4.14) – Why Niche Marketing Generates the Highest Profits 

# 8 (4.21) – Five-Step Message Creation Formula  

# 9 (4.28) – How to Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Down-Sell Your Products 

# 10 (5.12) – How to Generate an Avalanche of Red-Hot Leads 

This is what class attendees said about the classes…

·         Very helpful, I’m excited to have the info coming to me each week- Michele Figa

·         Love it! This class keeps my marketing on track and cutting-edge- Deborah James

·        It’s great getting these inside tips and tricks that boost my marketing dollars- Mike Pellegatti






Best regards,


Christine Marek, MBA 

Direct Line: 480.491.9551
Fax: 480-456-5800

Come join us for lunch this Friday! 5.14.10

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Hello Friends!

Come and join us at 24 Carrots for great food and interesting nutritional conversation.

The cost is $7/person which includes lunch and a beverage.

Seating is limited to 12 people.

This event will be so fun, interesting and delicious. And if you’ve never eaten at 24 Carrots it will be a fantastic treat for you and your body.

For more details call or email me- or 480.491.9551 or

April 17, 2010

Ahwatukee Heath and Wellness Class- Restore Your Eyesight Without Surgery

Restore Your Eyesight Without Surgery

Next Ahwatukee Heath and Wellness Class

Every second Saturday of the month a “Health & Wellness” education class is organized which highlights local experts. These experts explain how various wellness choices can make a positive difference in our healthy lives.

On Saturday, May 8th, from Noon to 1:30 p.m., the class will learn about Eye Health Care and how there are new restorative methods that do not involve surgery. This topic is extremely current.

The guest speaker will be Dr. Mark Page, who is recognized as one of the Top Optometrists in the United States by the Consumer Research Council of America.  Dr. Page is also the owner of Arizona’s Vision, located in the Phoenix-Ahwatukee community. He will explain to attendees about vision improvement without surgery with Ortho-K contact lenses and Revital Vision, a software program that actually trains your brain to see better.

The class occurs at the Ironwood Library at 4333 E. Chandler Boulevard, Phoenix, 85048.

 There is no cost.  Prizes and Demonstrations will be provided. A RSVP is appreciated due to limited seating.


Call Christine at 480-491-9551 or send an email to


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April 7, 2010

What event are you looking for?

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Hi and thanks for visiting my website.

Currently I have  3 events in April and 2 in May that are available to anyone at no cost and all benefit!

For your convenience, look for info about these events in each related category to the right of this page.

  1. LeadZSmart Networking Referral Group- every Wednesday at 7:30 am- Ahwatukee Chamber
  2. Marketing Classes continue at Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce April  21, and 28th,  May 12, 9 am to 10 am
  3. Health and Wellness Class May 8th explores Whole Food Nutrition and Visual Improvement without Surgery.
  4. All Hands Off classes have been cancelled due to medical reasons for our instructor Dr. Ron Marek. However, our home education self-defense programs are available online at www. HandsOff

For more info on any of these events go to the subject category below, OR… Call or email me anytime you need.

Best regards,

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551

Hands Off! Attack Avoidance Training Class is Saturday, 4.10

Those who purchased our Hands Off! home education self defense DVD, booklet and key stick have one of the safest and most effective self-defense tools in their possesion. Now it’s time to practice how to use it wisely when necessary. This is your class ticket.
There will be a “Hands-Off” Class at Curves this Saturday, 4.10, from 2 - 3:30 pm.
Please RSVP. Guests are welcome to come and participate. Guest fees are $27/person.
Call if you need more information and we’ll see you there.
Be Safe, Be Prepared,
Christine and Dr. Ron Marek
p. 480.491.9551 (updates on events and a shopping cart is on this website)

April 6, 2010

LeadZSmart Meeting occurs every Wednesday morning!

LeadZSmart Business Meeting occurs at the Ahwatukee Chamber each Wednesday!

There is a LeadZSmart Leads Group meeting every Wednesday at the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce located at 10235 S. 51st Street, Ste. 185, Phoenix, AZ 85044 

Meet and greet everyone at 7:30 am, then this leads meeting starts at 8 am and ends at 9 am.

We’ll have 60 seconds intros for ALL who attend at the beginning of the meeting.


After the introductions, there will be a 10 minute member presentation.

The meeting will also include a helpful lead referral lesson and group discussion.

For more information contact Christine Marek (  or Judy Young (  

Pass on the word. First Come First to Secure your Professions Seat.  Guests are welcome to visits and Ahwatukee chamber members are always welcome.





Christine Marek, MBA 

Phoenix Marketing, Ltd.  

Direct Line: 480.491.9551
Office: 480.456.4700
Fax: 480-456-5800

“Work is Love Made Visible”
3145 E. Chandler Blvd,
Suite 110-420
Phoenix, AZ  85048


Health and Wellness Class this Saturday, 4.10, covers Allergies

Understanding Allergies! My next Ahwatukee Heath and Wellness Class

Every second Saturday of the month a “Health & Wellness” education class is organized which highlights local experts. These experts explain how various beneficial choices can make a positive difference in our lives.
On Saturday, April 10th, from Noon to 1:30 p.m., the class is going to focus understanding the nature of Allergies.

Attendees will learn about food and environmental allergies. We’ll also discuss how what we think is an allergy is something entirely different. Bring your favorite tips for this class and help us all be insightful into this topic.
The class will also explore whole food nutrition and lifestyles. In addition to this, we will have a special guest speaker; Dr. Betsy Yurgel, RN, NMD from the Phoenix Holistic Center. Dr. Yurgel explains and demonstrates how her holistic mind, body and spirit approach to health care assists others in achieving and maintaining a healthy heart and more!
The class is located in the Ironwood Library at 4333 E. Chandler Boulevard, Phoenix, 85048.
There is no cost. Prizes and Demonstrations will be provided. A RSVP is appreciated due to limited seating.

Call Christine at 480-491-9551 or send an email to

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