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October 7, 2010

Teaching Marketing to DV High School Students Rocks

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Hi and thanks for visiting our marketing website!

If you know our company, then you know that we love to teach marketing to our clients and the public. We teach marketing classes constantly.

This month we were asked to teach a high school marketing class about our “message to market match”.

Dr. Ron Marek, my business partner and co-owner of Phoenix-Bushido Marketing volunteered to teach two classes on this subject matter.  He loved the experience and so did the students. This is what they said..

Zak.. “We were hanging on every word.. you crafted your message perfectly to fit this audience.. I learned more about marketing in one period than I expected to learn all year.”

Logan. ..”I think it’s really cool that your job helps out other peoples company … Without Phoenix-Bushido Marketing I think that a lot of companies would still be struggling.”

Michelle… ” I learned that you need to define your maket, then your message, and then choose your media and then timing is also very important… Thank you very much.”

Hayley…”It (the marketing class) blew my mind…. I didn’t know that everyone in the world is marketing themselves right now.”

Kenneth…” Your speech helped me see what the business world today is really about.”

Jack…”I learned from you that if you are good at it (marketing)  you can automate half the process and save time and money.. Thank you, your beard is awesome. Deuces.”

Natalie…”The marketing triangle is something I will always remember and utilize in this class and in real life.”

If you’d like to know about our next marketing class. Contact me.. or call us at our office, 480.456-3700. Bushido!

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