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October 15, 2011

Christine Hosts a Social Media Lab For All to Learn with Her

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Victoria Rodney learns along with others how to Monetize Social Media during this 10.12.11 Lab Class
Victoria Rodney learns along with others how to Monetize Social Media during this 10.12.11 Lab Class

The Social Media Lab occurs each Wednesday at 11 am at the Bushido offices. I love to find talent from all over the country to explain how they have found social media to work for them.

For more info go to and look at our events page. Or give me a call at the office. 480.456.4700.

September 3, 2010

Teaching Marketing to Aspiring Naturopathic Physicians

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This past Wednesday I was asked to teach my marketing know-how to a class of naturopathic physician students at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences.

Dr. Audette requested me to speak for her class of 30 students and I was happy to volunteer.

I decided the best lecture for the class would relate to message to market match and the secret marketing triangle. We discussed and engaged learning from the students as I enjoy making all classrooms actively involved in the subject matter. There was no yawning or sleeping during my lecture.

We address messages, markets, mediums and timing. The students participated fairly well. I could see they were not comfortable with the marketing world. But I assured them that there was no way to avoid it if they wanted to have a healthy business. “First you are marketers, then physicians”, I said at the end of the class. “Don’t forget this rule or your patients will have a very tough time finding that you even exist.”

If you’d like for me to teach marketing to your class or group. Let me know.

Yours in business support,

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9951

September Wellness Event- Wellness 4 Your Senses

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September Ahwatukee Wellness Event features

Several Guest Speakers

“Wellness 4 Your Senses” Mini Wellness Fair”


Released 9.3.10-    Every month a “Wellness” education class is organized which highlights local experts. These experts explain how various wellness choices can make a positive difference in our healthy lives. The next class will occur on September 18th from 10 am to noon at Emerald City Smoothies located at 4206 East Chandler Boulevard, Ste. 9, Phoenix, 85048. 

This month there will be several wellness guest speakers providing a “mini” wellness fair The theme for this event is “Wellness for Your 5 Senses”. Topics will include interior design with color and smell attractions, learning the benefits of reike healing, understanding the benefits of naturopathic medicine for our bodies, and herbal foods identified for healing.

Guest speakers include Jessica Flack, interior designer and Scentsy representative,  Dr. Meghna Thacker, naturopathic doctor, Laura Smitherman, reike master and Christine Marek, whole food and wellness consultant.

There is no cost. Refreshments will be provided. A RSVP is appreciated due to limited seating. Go to  or call the wellness class organizer, Christine Marek at 480-491-9551.

LeadZSmart Celebrates 1 Year Anniversay

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More than a year ago, I threw up my arms in disgust after hearing another business went under.

Something had to be done to help these valuable small business owners during the GREAT recession in Phoenix, Arizona. I asked Ron, my partner, if he was willing to join me for breakfast at Marie Callendars once a week and invite anyone else that wanted to join us and talk about marketing. 

We called it LeadZSmart and meant it. We wanted small business owners to know and understand the trick, strategies, tips and tactics that we learned over the years to survive.  Some business people learned right away, others didn’t want to work at it and others just couldn’t find the time or even the money for breakfast.

Since then we took away the breakfast idea and decided to teach marketing and provide networking at the same time with a class at the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce.

It’s been going strong now at the chamber for 6 months. Breakfast is at the table with 20 plus people each week. We are making strides with leads and marketing know-how for our businesses. Together we are going to beat and live through these incredibly touch times, if it takes one class, one lead at a time.

Here’s more info about the class!

LeadZSmart Networking Group every Wednesday morning from 8 am to 9 am at the Ahwatukee Chamber offices. Business owners network and provide leads and helpful business suggestions for other business owners. Lead systems and efficient, smart lead ideas are provided in the meeting which is facilitated by Christine Marek, owner of Phoenix- Bushido Corp. and Judy Young, Assoc. Broker of Phoenix View Realty. Visitors are encouraged to attend. For more information call the chamber at 480.753.7676 or visit their website at


Yours in Business Support,

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9551

Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce Marketing Think Tank.. my new baby

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Yes, I volunteered for another community activity. Recently the Ahwatukee Chamber surveyed it’s members to see what they needed in terms of business support. One of the big areas was marketing. From that survey response I proposed creating a helpful Marketing Think Tank to the Chamber. Terri Kimble the chamber’s President loved the idea so this Thursday, Sept. 9th we’ll hold the first meeting. Here are the details.


Marketing “Think Tank” begins this September 9th, from noon to 1 pm at the Ahwatukee Chamber offices. This business support meeting will occur every month, same time and place, on the 2nd Thursday of the month.The “Think Tank”, facilitated by marketing instructor Christine Marek, will be an informal roundtable discussion of successful marketing tactics and strategies for chamber member business owners. Members are encouraged to bring their ideas, actual marketing situations and their brainstorming abilities to the meeting. Visitors are encouraged to attend.
Remember, NO sharks are allowed in this tank only marketing thinkers and doers. For more information call the chamber at 480.753.7676 or visit their website at

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