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October 15, 2011

Congressman David Schweikert Sends Christine a Message

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I was shocked when I received a letter from Congressman Schweikert that congratulated me for the Sunrider Int’l Sales Award.

Somehow he had found out, probably from a newspaper article, that I had won the award and within a week he mailed me this wonderful letter of congrats.

Needless to say I was touch, and so proud to know that a congressman is out there cheering on the small business owner. We need more of these people representing us.

With great joy!

Christine Marek.. 10.15.11

Christine displays her letter from Rep. Schweikert

Christine displays her letter from Rep. Schweikert

August 1, 2011

Bushido President Receives Sunrider Int’l Sales Excellence Award- July 2011

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Christine Marek- stage center received the Silver Award at the July 2011 Sunrider Int'l Convention
Christine Marek- stage center received the Silver Award at the July 2011 Sunrider Int’l Convention

Christine Marek, president of Bushido Marketing in Ahwatukee, received the Sunrider Silver Independent Business Award this month in Long Beach, Calif. Marek’s achievement is among only four business owners in the world with 42 countries represented at the Sunrider International Convention.

“This recognition could not have been achieved without the cutting-edge technology of our Bushido Sales Website system, which I feel both grateful and proud to represent,” Marek said.

This is the eighth outstanding marketing award received by Bushido during the company’s 17 years in business. Areas of excellence have included website sales achievement, concept/design, direct mail marketing sales achievements, publication management, publicity and journalism.

September 3, 2010

LeadZSmart Celebrates 1 Year Anniversay

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More than a year ago, I threw up my arms in disgust after hearing another business went under.

Something had to be done to help these valuable small business owners during the GREAT recession in Phoenix, Arizona. I asked Ron, my partner, if he was willing to join me for breakfast at Marie Callendars once a week and invite anyone else that wanted to join us and talk about marketing. 

We called it LeadZSmart and meant it. We wanted small business owners to know and understand the trick, strategies, tips and tactics that we learned over the years to survive.  Some business people learned right away, others didn’t want to work at it and others just couldn’t find the time or even the money for breakfast.

Since then we took away the breakfast idea and decided to teach marketing and provide networking at the same time with a class at the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce.

It’s been going strong now at the chamber for 6 months. Breakfast is at the table with 20 plus people each week. We are making strides with leads and marketing know-how for our businesses. Together we are going to beat and live through these incredibly touch times, if it takes one class, one lead at a time.

Here’s more info about the class!

LeadZSmart Networking Group every Wednesday morning from 8 am to 9 am at the Ahwatukee Chamber offices. Business owners network and provide leads and helpful business suggestions for other business owners. Lead systems and efficient, smart lead ideas are provided in the meeting which is facilitated by Christine Marek, owner of Phoenix- Bushido Corp. and Judy Young, Assoc. Broker of Phoenix View Realty. Visitors are encouraged to attend. For more information call the chamber at 480.753.7676 or visit their website at


Yours in Business Support,

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9551

June 3, 2010

Would you like a Sunrider food or tea sample?

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If you’d like a sample of Calli Tea, Fortune Delight teas or NuPlus go to my website
Or call me at 480.491.9551.

Be well,

Christine Marek

May 13, 2010

Phoenix Marketing taped the last Marketing 101 Class yesterday!

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Yes, after almost a year of teaching marketing for free we FINALLY taped 10 classes finishing yesterday, 5.12.10.


If you missed the classes no worries. Because we taped these beneficial business teachings you now enjoy them with a download link or DVD. All for your convenience and as a way to support busienss owners during these challenging economic times.  

You can buy ALL the classes for only $20 a download.

But please know that Ron’s going to change this price soon so if you’d like them, here’s the info.

Call me if you have ANY questions. Christine- 480.491.9551.

   GO HERE to purchase your “Sales Boosting Marketing Know-How recordings. See class outlines below. 

Phoenix Marketing 10-Class Outline

# 1 (2.10) – What Business Are You REALLY In? (Class assignment - Create a specific message and match it with the media and timing.) Please bring this homework with you at the 2.17 meeting!

# 2 (2.17) – How to Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition or Die 

# 3 (2.24) – Your Seven-Step Marketing Plan 

# 4 (3.3) – 13 Elements of A Successful Ad 

# 5 (3.10) – How to Price Your Product for Maximum Profit  

# 6 (3.17) – How to Dominate Your Market with Your GUARANTEE  

# 7 (4.14) – Why Niche Marketing Generates the Highest Profits 

# 8 (4.21) – Five-Step Message Creation Formula  

# 9 (4.28) – How to Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Down-Sell Your Products 

# 10 (5.12) – How to Generate an Avalanche of Red-Hot Leads 

This is what class attendees said about the classes…

·         Very helpful, I’m excited to have the info coming to me each week- Michele Figa

·         Love it! This class keeps my marketing on track and cutting-edge- Deborah James

·        It’s great getting these inside tips and tricks that boost my marketing dollars- Mike Pellegatti






Best regards,


Christine Marek, MBA 

Direct Line: 480.491.9551
Fax: 480-456-5800

April 7, 2010

What event are you looking for?

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Hi and thanks for visiting my website.

Currently I have  3 events in April and 2 in May that are available to anyone at no cost and all benefit!

For your convenience, look for info about these events in each related category to the right of this page.

  1. LeadZSmart Networking Referral Group- every Wednesday at 7:30 am- Ahwatukee Chamber
  2. Marketing Classes continue at Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce April  21, and 28th,  May 12, 9 am to 10 am
  3. Health and Wellness Class May 8th explores Whole Food Nutrition and Visual Improvement without Surgery.
  4. All Hands Off classes have been cancelled due to medical reasons for our instructor Dr. Ron Marek. However, our home education self-defense programs are available online at www. HandsOff

For more info on any of these events go to the subject category below, OR… Call or email me anytime you need.

Best regards,

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551

April 6, 2010

LeadZSmart Meeting occurs every Wednesday morning!

LeadZSmart Business Meeting occurs at the Ahwatukee Chamber each Wednesday!

There is a LeadZSmart Leads Group meeting every Wednesday at the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce located at 10235 S. 51st Street, Ste. 185, Phoenix, AZ 85044 

Meet and greet everyone at 7:30 am, then this leads meeting starts at 8 am and ends at 9 am.

We’ll have 60 seconds intros for ALL who attend at the beginning of the meeting.


After the introductions, there will be a 10 minute member presentation.

The meeting will also include a helpful lead referral lesson and group discussion.

For more information contact Christine Marek (  or Judy Young (  

Pass on the word. First Come First to Secure your Professions Seat.  Guests are welcome to visits and Ahwatukee chamber members are always welcome.





Christine Marek, MBA 

Phoenix Marketing, Ltd.  

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December 28, 2009

Christine’s First Page on Google Marketing Services

Discover how you can get on “First Page on Google” quickly.

 This is important to know because it is a MUST to be on “First page on Google” to attact new customers.

Or for that matter the first page on ANY search engine site, i.e. Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Is your website at this premium placement organically or by pay per click, neither or both? If not, consider this…

In a recent business study analyzed this November 2009, eight out of ten business owners created websites without a marketing direction or consultation.

Incredibly, the study goes on to show that website developers do not perform marketing analysis or even ask the client what specific markets they want to communicate to for lead generation purposes.

What happens in the 8 out of 10 cases is that graphic design is discussed, copy for general information is created and images are considered during the creation process.  Hours, days, weeks, months and even years are spent on these details but the sales focus is not included.

Lead generation sales tools are rarely a priority. As a matter of fact, most websigners have no clue how to get your site located on premium placements with Google or any other search engines.

The general website is made for the client to their liking and approval. The websites are not made for the prospect or the client. Is that how you created your website?

I write a song, paint a picture because I love it.  But most never know about it. This is the case of most websites. They don’t know how to find it and if they do see it, they may not like the subject for them or the right color. I made it for myself so I don’t care. Is that how you feel about your website? Or do you want the right message to market match that brings you new clients?

You may like looking at your website but do you find that you get much traffic from it? Does it bring you in qualified leads? If it’s not making sales for you then it’s not a marketing website and if you don’t want a marketing website than that’s your choice.

There are plenty of people, without a need for a business to make money. Even the richest people I know prefer to make money when they invest time and money into someting but some just do things for the shear pleasure of it. But a website???? That makes no sense.

If you want a website that brings in traffic even while you are sleeping and creates sales and profits for your business than I strongly urge you to hire an online marketing consultant that has a website development team behind them.

Make marketing your first priority in website development. Then add the pretty pictures and copy to it’s function and design.

It takes a team of technicians that knows what they are doing to create a home. You need a concrete layer, a mason, a framer, a roofer, an HVAC pro, etc… to make this home.

A website, in these modern times, is a crucially important marketing tool that you can consider your online business home. Don’t build, remodel or make improvements to it until you find a qualified marketing consultant to make that site ROCK with sales appeal.

That would be like building a home and not having a reason to live in it. What a waste that is.

Look at your website truthfully, with marketing intensive purposes.  Track the traffic and sales and make a new year’s goal to include “smart” marketing.

Being “first page on Google” is your business’s lifeline. It’s not a hobby anymore because the newspapers are going away, yellow pages are dwindling, too. Websites need to perform for sales reasons. Is yours?

Best to you!
Christine Marek
p. 480-491-9551

August 10, 2009

How Important are Leads to Business Owners?

LeadzSmart Meeting Takes Serious Review

That headline, “how important are leads to business owners” has to be answered obviously with this word- CRUCIAL.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business.

The big questions in our “new economy” are how do we get qualified leads and at what cost?

To clarify even more you have to know how do you generate the lead and convert them effectively.

The first “LeadzSmart” education class addressed this lead generation issue head on.

Today (8.5.09) twenty-three people attended in Chandler at 7:30 a.m., armed with their marketing pieces on a quest to find better and proven ways to generate more leads. They came from Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler and even Scottsdale because for them there just is no room for error especially when resources for the business owner are so very precious.

Dr. Ron Marek, facilitated the group, and threw at them hard hitting, thought provoking facts about what’s proven to work and what’s nice and fuzzy but not a big performer.

Everyone including me realized I had to clean out the clutter from my marketing messages. It was time to get down to the unique selling proposition with every prospect message I create and send out.

Next week the attendees and any new comers will be encouraged to face the same music with their marketing plans. Leads are not a dime a dozen and need to be cultivated and treated like gold. How well are you doing in that area? If you dare to know more, come and visit this LeadZSmart class next Wednesday.

I can definitely say, it’s worth my while. As a side note, I met a new business owner- Kathy Kelly. Kathy is a very cool artist and certified teacher with an up and coming Art Academy.

I find it especially nice to meet business owners that are artists, too.

For more details email me-

Christine Marek, MBA /twitter @PrNewsBroker

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