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October 15, 2011

Christine Hosts a Social Media Lab For All to Learn with Her

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Victoria Rodney learns along with others how to Monetize Social Media during this 10.12.11 Lab Class
Victoria Rodney learns along with others how to Monetize Social Media during this 10.12.11 Lab Class

The Social Media Lab occurs each Wednesday at 11 am at the Bushido offices. I love to find talent from all over the country to explain how they have found social media to work for them.

For more info go to and look at our events page. Or give me a call at the office. 480.456.4700.

Congressman David Schweikert Sends Christine a Message

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I was shocked when I received a letter from Congressman Schweikert that congratulated me for the Sunrider Int’l Sales Award.

Somehow he had found out, probably from a newspaper article, that I had won the award and within a week he mailed me this wonderful letter of congrats.

Needless to say I was touch, and so proud to know that a congressman is out there cheering on the small business owner. We need more of these people representing us.

With great joy!

Christine Marek.. 10.15.11

Christine displays her letter from Rep. Schweikert

Christine displays her letter from Rep. Schweikert

August 1, 2011

Bushido President Receives Sunrider Int’l Sales Excellence Award- July 2011

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Christine Marek- stage center received the Silver Award at the July 2011 Sunrider Int'l Convention
Christine Marek- stage center received the Silver Award at the July 2011 Sunrider Int’l Convention

Christine Marek, president of Bushido Marketing in Ahwatukee, received the Sunrider Silver Independent Business Award this month in Long Beach, Calif. Marek’s achievement is among only four business owners in the world with 42 countries represented at the Sunrider International Convention.

“This recognition could not have been achieved without the cutting-edge technology of our Bushido Sales Website system, which I feel both grateful and proud to represent,” Marek said.

This is the eighth outstanding marketing award received by Bushido during the company’s 17 years in business. Areas of excellence have included website sales achievement, concept/design, direct mail marketing sales achievements, publication management, publicity and journalism.

October 7, 2010

Teaching Marketing to DV High School Students Rocks

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Hi and thanks for visiting our marketing website!

If you know our company, then you know that we love to teach marketing to our clients and the public. We teach marketing classes constantly.

This month we were asked to teach a high school marketing class about our “message to market match”.

Dr. Ron Marek, my business partner and co-owner of Phoenix-Bushido Marketing volunteered to teach two classes on this subject matter.  He loved the experience and so did the students. This is what they said..

Zak.. “We were hanging on every word.. you crafted your message perfectly to fit this audience.. I learned more about marketing in one period than I expected to learn all year.”

Logan. ..”I think it’s really cool that your job helps out other peoples company … Without Phoenix-Bushido Marketing I think that a lot of companies would still be struggling.”

Michelle… ” I learned that you need to define your maket, then your message, and then choose your media and then timing is also very important… Thank you very much.”

Hayley…”It (the marketing class) blew my mind…. I didn’t know that everyone in the world is marketing themselves right now.”

Kenneth…” Your speech helped me see what the business world today is really about.”

Jack…”I learned from you that if you are good at it (marketing)  you can automate half the process and save time and money.. Thank you, your beard is awesome. Deuces.”

Natalie…”The marketing triangle is something I will always remember and utilize in this class and in real life.”

If you’d like to know about our next marketing class. Contact me.. or call us at our office, 480.456-3700. Bushido!

September 8, 2010

Arizona Health Channel publishes it’s first Newsletter~

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It’s amazing how things are progressing for the Arizona Health Channel.

Kate brought me on the team to be the Marketing Director @ six months ago. So much has been accomplished.

  • Programming established
  • Hundreds of team members organized
  • Production crews assigned
  • Newsletter created- our first just published
  • A meet up site was initiated.
  • The Social Media foundation is underway.
  • Third party endorsements are coming in.
  • Sponsors are being secured.
  • and so much more

Below is the newsletter that Kate and I created.





September 2010 Issue 1


On This Page SEE…

  • Welcome to AZ Health Channel
  • Programming Updates
  • Career Opportunities
  • You Can Make the Difference in TV
  • Behind the Camera
  • Raves and Events





 Welcome to Arizona’s FIRST Health Channel! This newsletter is to keep you informed about the progress and developments of this important health education tool for the Arizona public. If you have suggestions or comments for us, please let us know. Also -  pass this on to others who might be interested in tracking and partaking in the development of an Arizona Health Channel!


Our Mission:


To provide Arizona with quality educational television that promotes active living and healthy lifestyles, and presents these messages to the public in an engaging, enlightening and entertaining ways.




Career Opportunities


Seeking Experienced Television Ad Salesperson


Please have any candidates email for details



  Behind the Camera.. Who is Making the Channel a Reality?


Meet The Executive Staff


Our staff is coordinating our community-driven effort to make a television channel dedicated to healthy living a reality:


Kate Hoy - Director of Programming, Overall Producer


Christine Marek - Director of Marketing


Kaaren-lyn Morton - Director of Sponsorship Sales, Advertising


Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions!


NEXT MONTH: Meet the Show Producers!





Programming Updates

   Check Out Our First Song!

Our first song is dedicated to those lonely, hard working clinic staff who work in rural Arizona. We will be profiling these desert angels in our new television series due out early 2011. Click here for lyrics and music! 



Upcoming Events and Meetings


September 15 - 17 

Scottsdale Plaza Resort


Come visit our booth and pick up a FREE copy of the Desert Angel CD!



September 24th - Getting Health Education to the Masses Meetup. Come join us as we discuss best ways to inform the Arizona public about health issues.  For more information regarding this meeting go to




Our Website


See our 6 original  AZ Health Channel Programs in development at




What Can You Do?


Become Engaged

Share this information with other businesses. LIve a healthy lifetyle. Become involved in your community. We all have a role to play in our effort to increase the health literacy in Arizona.


Enlighten the Public

Bring your message to the general public by advertising with us.


Entertain your Patients and Customers

You can support the channel,  as well as the local economy, simply by turning us on!


For more ways to become involved, contact Kate or Kaaren for our Marketing Opportunities information.

 Arizona Health Channel Raves


Ellen Owens- Summo, M.Ed.,DTR

Driector, Greater Valley Area Health Education Center GVAHEC



The AZ Health Channel provides a valuable resource that will bring health education  to  the general public  and will  promote educational pathways to  healthcare and wellness careers.

We are excited to partner with AHC!”






This message was sent from Kate Hoy to It was sent from: HoyFIlms, PO Box 22136 , Phoenix, AZ 85028. You can modify/update your subscription via the link below.

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Manage your subscription  

September 3, 2010

SEO Marketing Class Covers Valuable Online Marketing Info

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“How You Can “Be Found” On-line by Your Customers

Online Marketing Class


Tuesday, September 28th, from 8 am to 10 am

 1660 West Elliot Road, Tempe, AZ 85248

Hotel Tempe Second Floor Seminar Floor 


$35 per person. Seating is Limited - call today to reserve your seat at 480-456-4700


Presented by Internet Marketing Expert (on-line marketer since 1994) Dr. Ron Marek


Class attendees will benefit from understanding the following topics …


  • What it takes for your website to be on the First Page on Google, Yahoo


  • What is a blog and how it helps your business


  • What do videos do for online ranking of your business


  • How important are keywords in your website ranking


  • How to spot a good SEO service provider and one that is a fake.


  • What is back linking and why do you need it for your website.


  • How to get more leads from your website


  • How important footprints are on your website.


  • Tricks to saving hundred of dollars/mo with Pay-Per-Click campaigns


  • Current, up-to-the moment information shared on organic online marketing.




The class will be held at the Phoenix Marketing Offices at 5010 E. Warner Road, Phoenix, AZ 85044. For more information contact Christine at 480.456.4700.







Meet Up is a Favorite Communication Tool of Mine

I love to use meet up to organize events and meet new like-minded people.

Here are two examples of my meet up sites. 

Teaching Marketing to Aspiring Naturopathic Physicians

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This past Wednesday I was asked to teach my marketing know-how to a class of naturopathic physician students at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences.

Dr. Audette requested me to speak for her class of 30 students and I was happy to volunteer.

I decided the best lecture for the class would relate to message to market match and the secret marketing triangle. We discussed and engaged learning from the students as I enjoy making all classrooms actively involved in the subject matter. There was no yawning or sleeping during my lecture.

We address messages, markets, mediums and timing. The students participated fairly well. I could see they were not comfortable with the marketing world. But I assured them that there was no way to avoid it if they wanted to have a healthy business. “First you are marketers, then physicians”, I said at the end of the class. “Don’t forget this rule or your patients will have a very tough time finding that you even exist.”

If you’d like for me to teach marketing to your class or group. Let me know.

Yours in business support,

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9951

September Wellness Event- Wellness 4 Your Senses

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September Ahwatukee Wellness Event features

Several Guest Speakers

“Wellness 4 Your Senses” Mini Wellness Fair”


Released 9.3.10-    Every month a “Wellness” education class is organized which highlights local experts. These experts explain how various wellness choices can make a positive difference in our healthy lives. The next class will occur on September 18th from 10 am to noon at Emerald City Smoothies located at 4206 East Chandler Boulevard, Ste. 9, Phoenix, 85048. 

This month there will be several wellness guest speakers providing a “mini” wellness fair The theme for this event is “Wellness for Your 5 Senses”. Topics will include interior design with color and smell attractions, learning the benefits of reike healing, understanding the benefits of naturopathic medicine for our bodies, and herbal foods identified for healing.

Guest speakers include Jessica Flack, interior designer and Scentsy representative,  Dr. Meghna Thacker, naturopathic doctor, Laura Smitherman, reike master and Christine Marek, whole food and wellness consultant.

There is no cost. Refreshments will be provided. A RSVP is appreciated due to limited seating. Go to  or call the wellness class organizer, Christine Marek at 480-491-9551.

LeadZSmart Celebrates 1 Year Anniversay

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More than a year ago, I threw up my arms in disgust after hearing another business went under.

Something had to be done to help these valuable small business owners during the GREAT recession in Phoenix, Arizona. I asked Ron, my partner, if he was willing to join me for breakfast at Marie Callendars once a week and invite anyone else that wanted to join us and talk about marketing. 

We called it LeadZSmart and meant it. We wanted small business owners to know and understand the trick, strategies, tips and tactics that we learned over the years to survive.  Some business people learned right away, others didn’t want to work at it and others just couldn’t find the time or even the money for breakfast.

Since then we took away the breakfast idea and decided to teach marketing and provide networking at the same time with a class at the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce.

It’s been going strong now at the chamber for 6 months. Breakfast is at the table with 20 plus people each week. We are making strides with leads and marketing know-how for our businesses. Together we are going to beat and live through these incredibly touch times, if it takes one class, one lead at a time.

Here’s more info about the class!

LeadZSmart Networking Group every Wednesday morning from 8 am to 9 am at the Ahwatukee Chamber offices. Business owners network and provide leads and helpful business suggestions for other business owners. Lead systems and efficient, smart lead ideas are provided in the meeting which is facilitated by Christine Marek, owner of Phoenix- Bushido Corp. and Judy Young, Assoc. Broker of Phoenix View Realty. Visitors are encouraged to attend. For more information call the chamber at 480.753.7676 or visit their website at


Yours in Business Support,

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9551

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